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Seller Disclosures

Required for a Listing Transaction

There are many disclosures that are required for each transaction. It is imperative that we have these for every file. This is to protect all parties. When representing the seller, the reports to order early on (other than for inspections, should the seller choose) and extremely important disclosures to have completed by the seller to provide to all prospective buyers are:

For a checklist of all required disclosures for a listing transaction click here.

Excel Forms


Provide to Buyer Side

Download all required Excel disclosures here.

C.A.R. Forms

  • AD – Disclosure Regarding Agency Relationship, Listing Agent
  • AVID – Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure, Listing Agent
  • FHDA – Fair Housing and Discrimination Advisory
  • FLD – Lead-Based Paint and Hazards Disclosure, if built before 1978
  • HHDA – Home Fire Hardening Disclosure and Advisory, if applicable
  • HOA-IR – Homeowner Association Information Request, if applicable
  • MCA – Market Conditions Advisory
  • PRBS – Possible Representation of More than One Buyer or Seller
  • SA – Seller’s Advisory
  • SBSA – Statewide Buyer and Seller Advisory
  • SFLS – Square Footage and Lot Size Disclosure and Advisory
  • SPQ – Seller Property Questionnaire
  • TDS – Transfer Disclosure Statement
  • WCMD – Water-Conserving Plumbing Fixtures and Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • WFA – Wire Fraud Advisory

Obtain From Buyer Side

  • AVID – Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure, Selling Agent
  • BIA – Buyer’s Inspection Advisory 
  • BIE – Buyer’s Inspection Elections
  • BIW – Buyer’s Inspection Waiver, if applicable
  • SPT – Notice of Your “Supplemental” Property Tax Bill
  • VP – Verification of Property Condition

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