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Listing on Zillow

If you are opting to have your listings show on Zillow, Trulia and other similar sites you must add the listing to your home MLS also, regardless if you have inputted your listing on the local MLS via your home MLS’s data share access. This is the only way your listing will get syndicated. Your home MLS is the one that has the syndication agreement with these sites. It does not matter that our brokerage is a direct member with these other Bay Area MLS’s. Syndication per listing is based on each agent individually and who they have chosen as their home MLS.

Here’s an example to give you a clearer picture…

  • I have a Tracy listing.

  • I input it in Metro List, the local MLS for Tracy via logging onto Paragon, my home MLS and clicking on Metro List through Paragon’s Home page.

  • My listing will not be syndicated to those sites if inputted this way only.

  • I input my listing onto Paragon directly. A separate/whole new MLS # is created. I now have two MLS #s for this listing, but I also look at it as possibly double exposure!

  • My listing should now be syndicated on those sites because of the agreement that my home MLS has with these sites, and because I am a direct member of this MLS so I am entitled to those benefits so long as I opt for this when inputting the listing. 

Most MLSs have an agreement with Zillow, Trulia and Other sites so the process stated above should work for most as long as the listing is inputted into your home MLS. Keep in mind, you can avoid having your listing on any of those sites by opting “no” when asked about syndicating your listing.

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