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Generating buyer leads consistently is what sets the successful agents apart from the agents who can’t quite cut it, especially early in their careers. If you want to climb the success ladder in the real estate, you’ve got to have strategies in place to create a steady stream of buyers.

Here are the named best strategies to get more buyer leads:

Throw a Housewarming Party and Make All Guests Your New Clients

New house envy is a real thing for people who are considering a home purchase. Whether virtual or not, use this to your advantage by throwing housewarming parties for your clients.

Treat Your Renter Clients Like What They Are: Pre-Buyers

Everyone gets excited when a new lead pops into their inbox, but some of us are let down when we read these four words: “I’m looking to rent.” Some of us, but not all of us. Treat lessees as an opportunity. Rather than buying leads, nurture lessees until they are ready to move up to buyer status.

Reach Your Local Neighborhood Online With

Want to connect with more local homebuyers? Start with a community website such as You can easily post local market updates to pique buyer interest, recommend local businesses, and highlight your devotion to your community. This allows you to organically build relationships and trust, and increase those all-important referrals. Sign up for for free here.

Focus on Engagement Instead of Marketing on Social Media

So often, agents look at social media like any other marketing outlet. You write your copy, post your pictures, pay your fees, then sit back and wait for the leads. This should not be your strategy for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Your buyers are on these platforms and they’re looking for more than just static posts—they’re looking for interaction.

Use Social Engagement to Generate More Leads From Your Sphere

According to the National Association of REALTORS®, more than half of all buyers in 2019 used an agent that they either knew from their personal sphere or were referred to by someone in their personal sphere. Your own contact list is a rich lead source; most real estate agents don’t maximize this opportunity.

Try Demographic Farming Instead of Geographic Farming

If you want to attract a certain type of buyer, you’ve got to do more than just know their demographics—you need to know who these clients are as people. This is especially true for younger, first-time homebuyers.

Get Involved With Local Schools and School District

Within communities, there are networks that people gravitate toward and organizations around the things that people care about. Communities of faith, community sports leagues, nonprofits, and, of course, schools. Injecting yourself as a resource into the local school community is a great way to get yourself in front of prime-time homebuyers: families with children. You will become every parent’s go-to REALTOR® in no time!

Use Every Door Direct Mail Marketing to Reach Rental Communities

Nearly every first-time homebuyer is renting their home before they make the decision to buy. This makes rental communities prime targets for marketing. EDDM marketing is still an incredibly effective strategy for generating real estate buyer leads, and it is affordable! Unlike even the most effective email, a great postcard ends up on the refrigerator, keeping you top of mind for months to come. Learn more about EDDM marketing here.

Use Video to Communicate Your Message, Services and Opportunities

It’s no secret: Video dominates internet content. Google has even started featuring YouTube videos more prominently in search results, giving real estate agents with good video content a chance to outrank juggernauts like Zillow.

Considering that the average attention span on the internet is about eight seconds, few people are going to read your 1,000-word blog post about why you’re the best choice for a buyer’s agent in your city. But many, many more of those people will watch you say the same thing on an Instagram Story.

Be the Heavyweight Champion of Real Estate in Your Neighborhood

Buyers want to work with a buyer’s agent that knows every street, every home, every nook and cranny of the most desirable neighborhoods in town. If you want to sell the homes in a specific location, you’ve got to know everything there is to know about them.

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