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You may be liable for recommending a person or company to your clients if they do a poor job of conducting the service(s) for your client. As an Excel agent and professional, you have a duty to be diligent and cautious when making recommendations to your clients. Otherwise, you and our brokerage may face professional liability, malpractice, and violations of ethics. As a rule of thumb, when providing a recommendation to your client, always provide a minimum of three recommendations for each service need.

The following servicers are not guaranteed.

Pool Cleaner

Pool Inspector

Foundation Inspector

Ned Clyde Construction

Sewer Lateral Inspector

Combined Inspections

Property Inspector

WIN Home Inspection, John Maldonado

Roof Inspector

Termite Inspector

Take Care Termite (Tracy)

Fence Servicer




Miranda Home Design

Post Installer

Sign Setters


Opticom Sign Post Services

House Cleaner

Carpet Cleaner


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