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Change to Personal Information

Some life events require a change in the information Excel keeps on file, such as your name, address or bank account information. You are responsible for notifying [email protected] of any changes to personal information that change contact information or bank account information on a timely basis.

You will need to update your personal information if:

  • You have recently changed your name (include a copy of your new DRE license).
  • You have moved or recently had a change of address, either home or mailing.
  • Your bank account information where you wish to receive paycheck deposits has changed.
  • Your personal bio for your agent profile.

How to Update Your Information

To update your records, fill out the Agent Change of Personal Information Form and include applicable documentation. To update your bank account information click here. A copy of the forms will be kept on record, but you are responsible for keeping a copy of any changes and verifying that the change has been executed as requested.

For any changes to your personal bio, write it out on a Word doc and please be very clear on exactly the way you would like it read by the public.

Submit all personal information changes, including all applicable forms and documentation to [email protected].


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