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Staff Responsibilities

Staff Responsibilities


Below you will find the staff responsibilities for Jennifer Nay, Toshina Prasad, Ashli Hudson, Louisa Blake Nauroth, and Shawnacy Nauroth

Jennifer Nay
Title: Director of Lending Operations

Position Duties

Jennifer is in charge of all aspects of the lending operation. Loan Officer questions and concerns, to Loan processing and post-closing.
Loan officers you should meet with Jennifer right when you come on board. She will assist you in setting up your loan software, Fannie Mae, Loan processors and our credit vendors
Jennifer also assist the loan officers in setting them up in different lender sites

Jennifer Nay

925.398.6808 ext.143
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Toshina Prasad
Title: Executive Assistant, Agent Support Lead & Compliance

Position Duties

• New hire paperwork compliance, adding new hires to website, phone system & outlook
• Assigning personal websites
• Employment and staff changes and updates
• Mail and packages at the office
• Scanning documentation
• Agent correspondence outside of real estate or loan transactions
• Document standardization
• Explain procedure on how we close the file out in the office
• Go over common issues with Skyslope
• Toshina also is someone you would contact for day to day office questions and forms.
• Marketing to potential ERM agents & agent recruitment

As a new Excel Realtor when you have your first transaction, Danielle will assist you in getting set up in Skyslope. Going through the system with you and answering any questions you may have

What To Notify For:
• Any changes or modifications that need to be made to the Excel website
• Phone, Address, Insurance or Banking changes as soon as possible when changed
• Mail or packages coming to the office
• Trying to find administrative forms
• Need a form signed by Shawnacy
• Needing to reserve office space at any of the offices.
• Needing to reserve office open house signs for the weekend.
• Updates that are needed for forms on the website
• Once you have been added to our website please take a few moments to review and ensure all information is correct and no changes need to be made, if so please email me.

Toshina Prasad
Office: 925.398.6808 ext.111
Monday through Thursday

Ashli Hudson
Title: In-house Transaction Coordinator

• TC Services
• Explain how the broker demand process works, Ashli sends out all broker demands.
• Ashli is also someone you would contact for day to day office questions on disclosures.

Ashli Hudson

Office: 925.398.6808 ext.105

Louisa Blake Nauroth
Title: Vice President of Marketing and Recruiting

Position Duties

Louisa, is responsible for marketing our company to the general public and recruiting new agents to the company. She also will help refine your marketing business plan on a one on one basis. Please set up an individual appointment if you would like help with your marketing plan. Please be prepared by having your desired results/ideas in writing and please email her prior to the appointment. Louisa is also responsible for coordinating and providing continuing training to agents. If you have suggestions of training that you think would be helpful, send Louisa an email.

Louisa Blake Nauroth
Office: 925.398.6808 ext.102
Monday through Friday

Shawnacy M. Nauroth
Title: President & CEO / Broker of Record

Any type of legal issue with a transaction, call me immediately. If you have questions on how to best handle a situation with your transaction. I have an open-door policy in which you can schedule an appointment and come in to ask me really anything you want. If you would like my opinion on the type of marketing you are doing or would like to state doing. If you have suggestions that would help improve Excel. You can email, call, or text me anytime you would like as well. My cell phone number is below.
I am typically in the office Monday through Friday 10am to 5pm. It is always a good idea to make an appointment when coming to the office to see me.

Shawnacy M. Nauroth
Office: 925.398.6808 ext.101
Cell: 925.200.5624
e-fax: 925.398.3017

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