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A single page for all of your support needs. If you need further assistance reach out to Louisa or our Adminstrative Team to help streamline your day-to-day operational activities so you can have more time advising your clients and pitching prospects.

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Marketing Essentials

Order Your Name Badge                                                                                                                                                                              

Excel Approved Email Signature Taglines

Order Your Business Cards

Buyer Essentials

Buyer Intake Form Prior to Showing

Guide to Customary Fees – Who Pays What by County

Letter to Seller Sample

Offer Summary Template – Pleasanton Office

Offer Summary Template – Walnut Creek Office

Offer Summary Template – Fremont Office

Offer Summary Template – Modesto Office

Offer Summary Template – Blank Office

Buying Transaction Disclosures Checklist

Excel Required Disclosures (Not in Zip Forms)

Consumer Information Guides Combined via PDF Receipt Confirmation

Consumer Information Guides Combined via Links Receipt Confirmation

Historic Disclosure and Inspection Reports Advisory, if applicable

Homeowner’s Association Documents Acceptance and Receipt, if applicable

Wood Burning Fireplace Disclosure, if applicable

Provide to Seller Side

Earthquake Risk Disclosure Statement, if built before 1960

Natural Hazard Disclosure Statement – Natural Hazard Zone Report

All NHD reports are different. We have found Property ID to provide the most comprehensive, accurate and best-insured hazard disclosure report available anywhere. Property ID is the national leader in the development of Geographic Information Systems, a technology used to pinpoint the proximity of all requisite mapped Federal, State, and Local hazards to commercial and residential real property. To disclose to your client with confidence, you can order a report here.

Preliminary Title Report – Title and Escrow Services

If you are using a company that you are really happy with, great! Feel free to continue working with them. We have also had great success with Fidelity National Title. They have the absolute leading edge app and research system available in real estate today. They have talented escrow officers as well. Feel free to contact Jason Webb at 925.785.0880 | to help connect you with the right team of escrow officer, title rep and marketing rep. We have also found WFG National Title to offer the most competitive fees for both seller and buyer clients alike. Feel free to contact Joe Setterlund at 925.557.5011 | to help connect you with the right team of escrow officer, title rep and marketing rep.

C.A.R. Required Disclosures

  • AD – Disclosure Regarding Agency Relationship, Selling Agent
  • AVID – Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure, Selling Agent
  • BIA – Buyer’s Inspection Advisory
  • BIE – Buyer’s Inspection Elections
  • BIW – Buyer’s Inspection Waiver, if applicable
  • FHDA – Fair Housing and Discrimination Advisory
  • MCA – Market Conditions Advisory
  • PRBS – Possible Representation of More than One Buyer or Seller
  • SFLS – Square Footage and Lot Size Disclosure and Advisory
  • SBSA – Statewide Buyer and Seller Advisory
  • SPT – Notice of Your “Supplemental” Property Tax Bill
  • WCMD – Water-Conserving Plumbing Fixtures and Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • WFA – Wire Fraud Advisory
  • VP – Verification of Property Condition

Obtain From Seller Side

  • AVID – Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure, Listing Agent
  • FLD – Lead-Based Paint and Hazards Disclosure, if built before 1978
  • SPQ – Seller Property Questionnaire
  • TDS – Transfer Disclosure Statement

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