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Sale Of Real Personal Property Or Loan

Sale of Personal Property Or Loans

Regarding sales / loans with your property,  All normal broker fees apply to all transactions.  There are certain requirements and restrictions with these types of sales.  A detailed list is in our office policy (section 4.29 and 11.5), listed below are some of the main requirements:

Real Estate Transactions:

  1. You must disclose that you are the seller/buyer in writing asap

  2. You must follow the E&O insurance guidelines below

 Sale Of Personal Property:

  1. You must use CAR contracts

  2. You must have a home warranty, no matter who pays for the warranty

  3. The buyer must have a home inspection done by a ASHI or CREIA certified inspector

  4. You must  have an earthquake / environmental hazard report done (JCP, Property ID)


  1. You can not be the loan officer on the file

  2. You can not be involved in the loan, like you would if you were the loan officer.  You must act as a normal borrower in the loan.

  3. You can not be involved with ordering an appraisal, again you must act as a normal borrower in the loan.


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