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Sale Of Real Personal Property

Regarding sales / loans with your property, we allow one sale per year of a primary personal residence at 50% off the broker fee. There are certain requirements.


For real estate transactions:

  1. Our E&O policy covers agent owned properties.

  2. Primary personal residence with you and or your spouse on title only

  3. One sale and one purchase per calendar year

  4. You must follow the guidelines below

  5. You must have already closed another real estate or loan transaction through Excel (with normal broker fees)


Guidelines for sale of personal property:

  1. You must use CAR contracts

  2. You must have a home warranty, no matter who pays for the warranty

  3. The buyer must have a home inspection done by a ASHI or CREIA certified inspector

  4. You must have an earthquake / environmental hazard report done (JCP, Property ID)


For loans we charge our normal broker fees.

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