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Excel Sign Reservation Policy

For your convenience we have For Sale and Open House signs that may be reserved for general use. All sign reservations must be emailed to [email protected] and will be reserved on a first come, first serve basis. Do not remove signs at any office without getting approval first. We provide these signs as a courtesy to our agents until they have had an opportunity to order their own signs. Excel has teamed up with several sign vendors to provide an array of options at a special discount. Begin reviewing your options now.

Open House Signs

The maximum allowable to reserve at one time is 6. All Open House signs must be returned the following Tuesday to the office that they came from, and can only be reserved one week at a time. If you used the Open House signs the prior weekend, you must wait until Wednesday to re-reserve the signs again for the upcoming weekend.

For Sale Signs

You may use the For Sale sign until your listing sells. Once the listing closes, you must bring the sign back to our Pleasanton office within one week. All signs that are borrowed must have a custom rider. Custom riders are also available through our preferred vendors. Begin reviewing your options now.

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