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A single page for all of your support needs. If you need further assistance reach out to our Lending Team to help streamline your day-to-day operational activities so you can have more time advising your clients and pitching prospects.

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Lender List  

Our lists are updated often. Please make sure to download the latest copy.

All Conventional, Jumbo, VA, USDA Loans – Correspondent (All Compensation Plans)


FHA and Wholesale loans  (Must Select Lender within Your Compensation Plan)

Secondary Lender List – FHA (Wholesale only) 02.16.2021

Essential Loan Officer Videos

Submitting Your First Loan at Excel 

More Must Watch Videos

Loan Officer How To Videos


Loan Officer Workflow for Processing

Loan Processing and Loan Officer Job Responsibilities

Loan Submission Process

Loan Resubmission Policy

EMS New Loan Submission Form (Fillable) Jan 2020

EMS Docs Included Checklist to Loan Officer, Fillable PDF

Credit Companies

Advantage Credit

Lending Forms

Pre-Approval Letter – TBD Submission

Pre-Qualification Letter – Non TBD

EMS Pre-Qualification Request

EMS Pre-Qualification Request One Page

Borrower Purchase Questionnaire

Borrower Refinance Questionnaire

EMS Credit Card Authorization Form

Items Needed From Borrower to Start the Loan Process with EMS This should be sent to your borrower so they understand what is going to be needed.

Lending Help to Most Common Questions

Difficult Tax Return 

Click Here for Tax Return Analysis

Who Can Do The Loan

Send to Excel Deal Desk – Loan Scenario Form

Self Employed Income Calculators 

Schedule E S Corp, Form 1120

Schedule C

Schedule E Partnership

Changing Your Compensation Plan

Compensation Election Form

Loan Limit Lookup

FHA Loan Limits

Conventional Loan Limits

Disclosures and Other Important Information

Required Disclosures

Required Disclosures on Advertisements for Loans

Required Loan Documents and Disclosures

Early Payoff and Early Default Disclosure

EMS e-Sign Consent Form

Information Booklets

HUD Settlement Costs Booklet

CHARM Booklet

EMS Toolkit Acknowledgment

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