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LendingPad Borrower Link and Document Upload Information

I wanted to make sure we showed you all options on LendingPad with the borrower uploading documents.

  • First, yes you do need to create application or your borrower needs to create an application to begin with.
  • Once that is done you can open the file and go to the top purple “Actions” button, click on Invite Consumer.  Obviously, if the borrower created the application to begin with, you would not need to send them the Invite Consumer link.  See below.



  • When the borrower gets the link they will need to “create an account”, using their email address and phone number.


  • When they login, this is what they will see.


  • The loan number for the loan you created, will be listed like below.







  • Once the borrower selects the application number, it will open up to the application.
  • At the top of the application there is a dropdown with each part of the application, see below defaults to “Loan & Property”






  • If they go down to the bottom of the dropdown, they will see “Documents”, like below.







  • Once they click the Documents section, they can upload documents without putting any additional information into the application.
  • See below.





  • Lastly, If they also go down to “Submit” it will take them to do the borrower authorization. See below.





  • See for the borrower authorization.






One other note.  Your borrower can always press “SKIP” down at the bottom of the application to get past any section. See below.




Just wanted to give you all the information on how the system works!


Have a great night!

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