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Legal Problems

Problems on transactions do happen and are part of the business. We want to make sure our clients, agents, and company are in the best position to help solve problems before they lead to lawsuits. The best way to help is to keep me informed along the way, not after it is too late. Email or call me ASAP. Email me at: John(at)ERMRealty(dotted)com or call me at 916.365.5696.


CAR Legal Line

Use this anytime you need legal type advice. If you are involved in a transaction with another Realtor and there are problems, it is always better to be the first to call CAR Legal. The other agent involved in the transaction cannot receive counsel from them after you have registered your call.

CAR Legal Hotline

Brokers 213.739.8350

Salespersons 213.739.8282

Online at

Email at Legal_Hotline(at)CAR(dotted)org


NAR Code of Ethics at:

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