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Getting Your Buyer Pre-Qualified

One of the many great things about our company is we have highly experienced Realtors and Loan Officers.  Too many Realtors think their buyers are able to get financing and only once they are in contract something comes up that prevents the buyers from getting financing.  This is a waste of time for you, the buyer, the seller, and the other agent involved.  There are also many serious liability issues when you really don’t know who you are dealing with on the financing side of things.  We take the worry out of the transaction.  You will only be working with the best.  A Loan Officer that only does loans, not one that does real estate and loans.

If you are working with a buyer and need to get a pre-qualification done to make sure you are in the best possible position once you write up an offer.  It is an easy process!  Click our APPLY NOW or email Shawnacy(at)ERMRealty(dotted)com or Nick(at)ERMLoans(dotted)com  We will take it from there!

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