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Prospecting Templates 

Prospect Letter Templates (3) – I Have a Buyer

Prospect Letter Template – Absentee Owner

Prospect Letter Template – Affidavit of Death/Probate

Prospect Letter Template – Divorce/General Interest

Prospect Letter Template – For Sale by Owner

Prospect Letter Template – Foreclosure

Excel Letterhead

Seller Reports

Cloud CMA creates amazing one-click Comparative Market Analysis packages and helps you build better interactive listing presentations that win more listings. It is a one-stop solution that works with participating MLSs and has a variety of pricing options for non-participants. Check Cloud CMA here.

RPR® offers exclusive access for all N.A.R. members to analytics and custom branded reporting tools that can be printed, emailed or texted from anywhere at any time. RPR® brings together the data and trends you need to have a complete view of any property. Sign in to RPR here.

Listing Presentation

Listing Presentation Sample

Listing Presentation Template

Market Statistics

CCAR Housing Statistics by City

Bay East Housing Statistics by City

C.A.R. Market Update: A one-page summary of county housing trends including sales, median prices, inventory.

C.A.R. Market MinuteSummary of housing and real estate market, economy and real estate finance issues.

C.A.R. Housing Matters Podcast: Market analysis, economic trends, and housing news.

C.A.R. Housing Market Webinars: Webinar hosted by C.A.R. staff reporting on housing and economic trends.

C.A.R. Research Products and Services: Subscribe to more than a dozen reports, blogs and podcasts.

N.A.R. Housing Minute: A monthly video series highlighting the latest housing data from the National Association of REALTORS® in a minute or less.

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