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Excel Templates

Company Letterhead

Excel Realty Fine Homes Letterhead.Black

Excel Realty Fine Homes Letterhead.Light Blue

Excel Mortgage Services Letterheard.Black

Excel Mortgage Services Letterheard.Light Blue

Excel Realty & Mortgage Letterheard.Black

Excel Realty & Mortgage Letterhead.Light Blue

Virtual Background

Download a virtual background image below and upload it as an image to your video platform such as Zoom, and now you have a virtual background to hide your workspace at home and look professional.

Virtual Background ERFH.REALTOR.Black

Virtual Background ERFH.REALTOR.Yellow

Virtual Background ERFH.REALTOR.Light Blue

Virtual Background ERM.RE-LO.Black

Virtual Background ERM.RE-LO.Light Blue

Virtual Background EMS.Loan Officer.Black1

Virtual Background EMS.Loan Officer.Black2

Virtual Background EMS.Loan Officer.Royal Blue

Virtual Background EMS.Loan Officer.Light Blue



Excel Listing Presentation


Excel Sample Listing Flyer 1

Excel Sample Listing Flyer 2

Excel Sample Listing Flyer 3


Excel Sample Listing Brochure 1

Excel Sample Listing Brochure 2



Excel Sample Agent-Loan Officer Marketing Flyer


Prospect Letter Templates (3) – I Have a Buyer

Prospect Letter Template – Absentee Owner

Prospect Letter Template – Affidavit of Death/Probate

Prospect Letter Template – Divorce/General Interest

Prospect Letter Template – For Sale by Owner

Prospect Letter Template – Foreclosure

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