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Stephen Ng

REALTOR® , Loan Officer

With over two decades of experience working in real estate, mortgage, and investment. I see an opportunity combining them to provide a one-stop purchase experience. If you are a buyer, I provide tailor-made advice to ensure you find the perfect home and find the best financing available to suit your purchase. If you are a seller, I show case your property to many buyers so to net you the most amount of money. My commitment to you is my goal and I always go the extra mile to give you the best overall experience. In my professional career, my high desire to achieve success, willingness to go above and beyond have always set me apart from the competition.

At University of California, Berkeley, I studied Economics because I was intrigued by behaviors and interactions of economic agents and how economies worked. While I attended graduate school in University of Southern California, I studied Mathematics and then applied the knowledge in the financial field, particularly real estate. Beyond education, my motivation pushed me to acquire in-depth investment knowledge through distinctive certificates such as CFA. I live an active life, my hobbies include tutoring Math to elementary students, playing piano, playing tennis, wining and dining

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