Steve Brooks


  • Languages Spoken: English
  • email
  • 925-398-6808 x186
  • 925-594-0942
  • CalBre # : 01894780
  • Pleasanton

Steve has an overall goal for every interaction he has with everyone, regardless of whether that person is a client, potential client, trade partner, or anyone else. While that goal may sound surprising to some to him it is very simple. “I want to provide the best, most personal service I can.” He accomplishes this by really listening to find out their needs and wants to assure that he and his clients move together toward a successful closing as a team. He realizes that needs and situations change over time and his past experience has given him the ability to adapt and quickly find the best path to reach his clients goals. He has been both a client and agent in real estate transactions and has drawn from the best of the good agents he has worked with while adding his own personal approach. This has led him to a continual drive to expand his knowledge which he loves to share with his clients.

Before finding his passion for helping people through the nuances of real estate transactions he was involved in the construction industry, both in the field and more recently in construction management. He knows homes and buildings from the inside out. His past experience in construction sales and management have given him a wide range of tools to draw from that have proven invaluable in real estate transactions. Some of those tools include management of complex projects and transactions, customer service, and negotiation.

Steve is an active agent with Excel Realty and Mortgage which is one of the fastest growing real estate and mortgage companies in Northern California. Being part of a team with so much combined experience that has sold and financed more than $2 billion of real estate provides an environment where no obstacle is too great to find the best outcome for his clients. He is motivated to work as a team with his clients toward the most hassle free, beneficial transaction possible.

Steve is married to Lilianne. Together they have one son Evan, who is affectionately nicknamed Bubba. He is a loving and devoted husband and father. He enjoys reading and educating himself on all areas of life, both professional and personal. He loves experiencing nature through hiking and photography, two of his favorite past times. He has lived in the Bay Area most of his life and is familiar with many different neighborhoods around the Bay Area. As a family they love exploring the Tri-Valley and Bay Area as a whole and finding the many diverse activities, festivals, and restaurants that represent the Bay Area as well as cultures from around the world.