Kulwinder Kaur


Since the year of 2005, I have aspired to be a realtor. Eight years later, my dream has finally come true.


For the past four years I have lived in Sacramento and I love it here more than anywhere else. Living in environments such as Santa Rosa, Lake County, and even Indiana, I have learned to migrate and know the places in which I live in the deepest of ways.


I know that the buying and moving process is arduous because I have lived it for the past ten years. Sacramento is the final destination on the moving adventure I’ve had with my family and hopefully I can make it yours too.


As your realtor, I WANT to help you as much as I possibly can. All of my attention is yours. Any help you may need throughout the steps you are taking will be of my concern. As a person that is trilingual, I can help you via English, Punjabi, or Hindi. I am reliable and I hope to prove that to you. I may be new to the business, but I have experience at another level. Contact me to initiate your new beginning.